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CLT Products


Sustainable Building Resources Pty Ltd  works in collaboration with  some of the biggest European suppliers of cross-laminated timber, as well as the world leading independent mass timber engineers to offer you the best options at any given time.

The cross-laminated panels all have DE/EN/EU technical approval.

With a large range of products available, our specialist engineers and designers will help you find the most appropriate solutions for your project.

What is available ?

Cross laminated elements laminated from15-45 mm solid spruce boards to a thickness of                   60–350mm. The CLT production chain offers a large range of possibilities. Length up to 18m,       width up to 3.8m. Standard length 12m, standard widths 1.25m and 2.25m.

CLT Elements

Floor / ceiling

acoustic elements

Acoustics has become a very important discipline in almost all fields of construction evedenced by the increasing reference to acoustics in regulatory instruments. 


Single, three and 5 ply solid wood panels for use in high quality interior fittings, furniture making and  structural wood construction work. Avaliable in           12mm to 52mm thick 5m and 6m long panels. 

Solid timber /

3ply panels

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